How Easy Is It Really For Someone To Get Something In Your Drink?

According to this social experiment Easy and Terrifying!

YouTube star, JoeySalads is known for his thought-provoking social experiments, like his child abduction experiment. He asked parents if they thought there kid would leave the playground with a stranger. He then attempted to get the children to leave with him.

His most recent social experiment takes a look at drug rape.

It doesn’t matter if you have a guy friend watching your drink or if your date is sitting right across from you — someone only needs a split second of you looking away from your drink to throw a pill in there.

In the video, he shows how easy it is to roofie someone by placing drugs in their drinks. The footage shows JoeySalads spiking unsuspected people’s drinks with ease. Now, he isn’t using real drugs, just trying to make a point. Watch JoeySalads show just how easy it is to drug someone’s drink.

We often put our drinks down, walk away, or in the very least, take our eyes off them while we are distracted by our surroundings. The goal is to raise awareness of this issue, and for us all to pay more attention to our drinks as well as our friends’ drinks while we are out. There are people out there that unfortunately take advantage of people that are intoxicated, which can lead to something horrible.

Very informative...and pretty shocking results!

Credits: JoeySalads

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