Wow...An Aesop's Fable In Action!

People are fascinated by the intelligence of animals. And this video proves it once again!

Watch ’007′ the Crow effortlessly solve an 8-Step, complex puzzle!

Aesop had a story called "The Crow and the Pitcher," which goes like this: Crow wants some water from a pitcher, but he can't reach it, so he drops rocks into it until the water rises enough for him to get a sip. Now, Aesop is not generally considered a scientifically viable resource, at least not until the stuffy science world finally recognizes the validity of Fableology, but a recent test done on rooks (a small type of crow) showed that he may not have been far off.

The clip, just over three minutes in length, shows a crow — dubbed “007 — easily solve a complex, eight-step problem to earn a snack. Posted to the BBC’s YouTube channel , the clip has gone viral, sitting at just over 6.5 million views at the time of publication.

The tasks were all variations of the Aesop's fable...
However there is another fable the one about the crow and the fox in which fox has proven a lot smarter than the crow and stole the piece of the cheese!

I bet that this crow will soon be playing chess...!LOL!

Here are some information based on researches about crows and their behavior:

Crows in captivity will figure out how to fill a cup with water to moisten their food, or bend wire into a hook to lift a tiny bucket. In the wild they’ll bring dry bread to a birdbath to soak and soften it. They may stack scattered crackers into a pile so they can carry the whole pile away. And in Japan, they place walnuts in front of stopped cars in an intersection and wait for the cars to go forward and crush the nuts. Then they swoop in and safely retrieve the nut meats.

They recognize individual human faces. They can mimic human voices. They’re very social and they are terrific problem solvers.

They’re noisy, smart, and social. They’re omnivores and opportunists. They mate for life. They can live in large extended families with the kids helping out around the nest. Young crows who have left for years will be recognized and welcomed back to the family. They have extensive vocalizations and vocabularies.

Credits: BBC

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