10 Shocking Truths That Our Society Consider Normal!

You all know these but what you are doing in the end?

There are high principles and ethics that people seem to forget or ignore for many years now. From times to times there are some events in our lives that remind us of how people should treat one another and how the world should be!

The list you will find below was designed by The Free World Charter. Its aim is to remind us how people should think and behave...take a look!

1. We give priority to money and economy instead of other basics, such as air, water, food quality, society and the environment.

2. We use a financial trading system that facilitates the death of millions.

3. We divide our land into pieces and then we fight for their ownership.

4. We call some people "soldiers" and give them permission to kill other people in the name of every possible excuse

5. We torture and kill millions of animals on a daily basis for food, clothing and experiments.

6. We send children to school where they will spend all their childhood learning things and skills that they will hardly ever use.

7. We are exercising economic pressure on parents, forcing them to lose vital stages of development of their child.

8. We have thousands of religions that each believes its god or doctrine is the only version of the truth.

9. Love and compassion that promote life, are considered weakness, while war which destroys life is considered prowess.

10. Whoever invented something useful for society, has the right to prohibit society to use it or modify it.

We believe we can do better...

As long as we never allow the loss of life and dignity to become mere numbers and statistics in our consciousness...

Share these thoughts with others and try to keep them in mind!
Τρίτη, Οκτωβρίου 13, 2015 |
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