A Farmer Found A Mammoth Skeleton In His Field!

An ordinary procedure led to a great discovery!

Scientists have recovered an extremely well preserved mammoth skeleton in Michigan.

It was like any other day when James went to his field to dig and get it ready for sowing...but what he found under the ground of his field was beyond imagination...a gigantic prehistoric mammal!
According to the newspaper Washington Post, as James was digging his field he fall on an obstacle and initially he thought he had discovered a buried fence.

But as he continued to dig to see what was buried in the earth it proved that what he thought was a fence were the bones from the side of a mammoth.
Paleontologists who arrived on the spot to examine the findings were overwhelmed by the parts of a skeleton found in a very good condition. A very precise and accurate bone retraction revealed the whole skeleton which was moved to the laboratories for study.
Initial estimates indicate that the animal should have died before about 11,000 years. What scientists now want to confirm is the assessment that the mammal might have been killed and saved as food by people of that era or its death came by natural causes.
OMG! This experience is epic! This amazing discovery shows the numerous treasures that are hidden beneath the ground...I hope that this skeleton is not the only one and the scientists could come to as many conclusion as the can get out of it!

Credits: MLive.com Staff

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