A Parking Spot In Flesh And Blood...A Brilliant Idea!

Respect to the handicap people!

When you live in a big city parking can be a nightmare! You can wander around for ages and when you finally find a spot...that's not for you! It is for people who are just like us but also are facing kinetic problems and we all should respect their spots! But does this happen all the time? I guess not, no matter how strict are the rules and the fine that someone has to pay there are still people who don't respect the rights of others.

This ingenious idea is for those who ignore the signs and need something more convincing to prevent them from occupying the space.

Watch the amazing video below and you'll get what I mean!

In Russia over 30% of the drivers without having second thoughts will take up a handicap space! I really hope that this will work and it will be a good lesson for those who don't respect others!

Sources: Damn, Bird Strategy, Inc.

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