Did You Know That You Can Make Houses Out Of Plastic Bottles?

This could be a solution to house the homeless!

On the occasion of my last visit to a friend in the city, I walked in the process to look to find ways that would be useful all these plastic bottles of bottled water and soft drinks we consume daily...

The truth is that I was surprised by the ingenuity of some people and how many things can you make with plastic bottles...

The founder of Eco-Tec organization, Andreas Froese in Germany, has worked with various eco-friendly projects and he made the difference ...he built a house!

This eco-friendly house looks pretty amazing!

Bellow you can check out how it was built!

Filling them with sand and sticking them together with mud or cement, the walls that are created are totally bulletproof, heat-resisting and maintain a comfortable indoor temperature of 18 degrees C in summer.

See with your own eyes the amount of plastic bottles thrown away every day!

The house is built in Bolivia.

And of course there is not any shortage on the used plastic bottles.

To build a two bedroom, 110 square meters house, it takes about 14.000 bottles.

This plastic bottle house is 20 times stronger than the usual bricks houses.

"The United States uses 129 600 000 plastic bottles a day which means 47.3 billion of plastic bottles each year. About 80% of these plastic bottles end up in landfills!"

The United States throw enough plastic bottles to build 9257 of 2 bedroom houses a day! This corresponds to over 3.35 million houses, same number as the number of homeless in America.

Many people in developing countries have erected houses or buildings from plastic bottles, in Africa, in Asia. Perhaps this trend will eventually succeed in the rest of the West and all these bottles won’t end up in landfills but will be used for amazing structures!

Check out in the video below how they are doing it:

I really hope that this will work out for many people in need! This is a great lesson from the developing countries to the developed ones!

Credits: SamarpanFoundation

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