Funny Answers At Exam Papers And Homework! Brilliant!

These teachers are so lucky! They laugh every day!

Who doesn't reminisce his childhood? Lazing, playing and joking with classmates and teachers. School offers the most memorable moments ever!

But when it was time for an exam that was always difficult. Those who had studied had no problem, everything would be written flawlessly. But for those who weren't?

They, therefore, to fill the empty sheet of paper, literally squeezed their brains and wrote whatever came down to their head. The result?

Incredible moments full of laughter for the teachers who had to correct and read the ... students' blunders! It makes you wonder how on earth they can think of such a genius and at the same time ridiculously funny answer!

Get ready for fun!

1. I have better things to do lady!

2. Isn’t this a creative answer?

3. These are gases…yeap!

4. That’s exactly what happened back in 2004!

5. Ops! Funny…but not appropriate!

6. Definitely a patriot!

7. Well done!

8. At least they are honest!

9. The greatness of rationalism!

10. So simple!

11. Unfair because in a romantic way that’s the appropriate answer!

12. One word more…

13. Lol

14. That’s true…why?

15. ….speechless!
I really miss school, when everything seemed so innocent and every one of us had crazy and big dreams for the future! The carefree years don't last for long, so let your children enjoy their childhood and laugh with their mistakes without judging them!

Source: Diply

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