Home Sweet Home! There Is A House For Every Taste!

Funny, peculiar, modern, unique!

There is a place that everyone is dreaming to go and feel safe and comfortable! It's called home and at the end of an exhausting day it is the oasis in the crowded world we are living and wandering daily!

When you think of a house you definitely don't think of the following...however for those owners these are their dreamy houses! Some are truly wonderful and some others are just unique!

Take a look…

1. The Glass House, Tokyo
They call it «House NA, » this glass house designed by architect Sou Fujimoto who wanted to give the feeling of natural light about it and went to a whole new level.
Located in a densely populated street in Tokyo, Japan, the only thing missing is the privacy. The house is 94.91 square meters. It was built in such a way as to resemble its floors to a tree.

2. Home - Waterfall
There was not enough land to build a full house in this plot, so the architect designed a house with a waterfall in the active site. Located in Bear Run, Pennsylvania. It is truly remarkable!

3. Keret, the narrowest house in the world.
Its dimensions are of 92 x 152, as you will notice it is very narrow and is "wedged" between two apartment buildings. It is not recommended for claustrophobic people!

4. Boeing 727 Hotel, in Costa Rica.
At first it was a normal plane which flew from South Africa to Colombia, but at the end of its career, it came to the San Jose airport. Purchased for $ 2,000, recycled and created an amazing house located in Costa Rica.
Bedrooms have epic view of the ocean and the surrounding gardens. It cost $ 4,000 to transport the plane to Costa Rica, plus $ 24,000 that spent on renovations to make the plane look like home.

5. The Hobbit House, Wales.
This house was built by a photographer. With a little help from his father who was a lawyer was able to build this house, using all natural materials with only $ 5.200. His goal was to create a living space that resembles the movie Lord of the Rings for him and his family. In just four months, the dream became reality.

6. Tower clock, Brooklyn
This is a unique and expensive apartment at the top of the Clock Tower building in Brooklyn. The 650 321 square approximately penthouse overlooks the regions Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens and also offers some amazing views of the city of New York. If you are interested and you spare $ 18 million US dollars you can buy it.

7. Flintstones - House.
Located in Malibu, California, this house is YABBA-Dabba-SWEEETT!!!

8. Slide House, Japan.
It may seem like an ordinary modern house of 157.94 square meters, however its interior will definitely change your mind!

9. Crocodile House
No comments!

10. Dumpster Home
Gregory Kloehn is using his creativity and construction skills to build tiny homes for the city’s homeless out of recycled and reclaimed materials found on the street. Kloehn takes regular old dumpsters, with a few signs of wear and tear, and installs the essentials including a bed, stoves, sinks and storage shelves, to turn them into cramped but habitable shelters for those living on the streets.

11. House on a rock.
Who needs a whole island for his house, when he can built it on top of a rock?! This unique house is located in Serbia
Whether it is a mansion or a tiny country house, it is our home! And it is always great to be at home!

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