Life Obviously Transcends Any Artificial Process!

Can these be real?

Those who can use the Photoshop and know its potentials they can easily say whether a picture has been taking through this process... Sometimes it is very obvious. Then, there are some photos that may seem like being through image processing but they are not. Here are 23 of the most "non-fake" photos you have ever seen!

1. Devil's Escalators!
These escalators are located in Stockholm, Sweden, as part of an art gallery project. It looks like descending from hell...but it should be the other way around!

2. The Largest horns ever!
Measuring 37.5-inch circumference, they are the largest horns ever recorded and they belong to an African watusi steer. Lurch, as it was its name passed away in 2010 when it was diagnosed with cancer at the base of one of the horns.

3. Melted wood
Leaving your footprint on wet cement is possible but on wood? It happened though as a Monk for the past 20 years used to pray in the exact same spot every day!

4. Separated road.
Even though Japan is the most well organized country considering earthquakes...this road split because the road was built one lane at a time, creating a natural rift between the two lanes.

5. Flamingos forming a giant Flamingo!
In the Gulf of Mexico this weird formation just leave everyone speechless!

6. A Cloud in a room!
And yet there is an indoor cloud...if you were good in math and physics, it’s possible! Berndnaut Smilde measured the temperature and humidity in a room and there it was!

7. Scary clouds.
In Iowa could be the next scenery for a horror Hollywood movie! These are real!

8. Doritos Mountain
I would swear that this is fake...but it isn't! Watch how the light is pouring in during sunrise in Glacier National Park, Montana. Just stunning!

9. Pink River.
Lake Retba in Senegal. It's all about salt!

10. Jewel made of corn!
This is edible corn and it comes in several colors! Yummy!

11. Humans on Top.
This is crazy but it's happening! This new trend about crazy people who constantly climb to the tallest heights and hang off them with their fingertips like some sort of madman. Here they are at the edge of Trump Palace.

12. White - Black - Red.
How many postcards haven't you seen like this? This one though is real! A flower has bloomed after volcanic ash covered the landscape in Indonesia.

13. Desert Namib.
Not even scientists can explain this!

14. A Crystal Cave!
Yeap this is real and it is situated in the Naica Mountains in Mexico.

15. Natural net on the sea?
Grid waves on the French Coast. This phenomenon is called cross sea, but it can be among the most dangerous ocean hazards

16. Real names on Google maps!
The name of Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamadan Al Nahyan, member of Abu Dhabi's ruling family, is written on this island. It is two miles wide and half a mile tall, making it clearly visible from space.
It was erased though in order to revitalize the area by 2030!

17. City of Lego.
At first this might look like a new ad for Lego bricks, however this is real: the San Buenaventura complex in Ixtapaluca, Mexico City.

18. Half - half cat.
Venus is a real cat which according to scientists has the DNA of two separate cats in one body.

19. A Shark inside a shark.
The catch of their life! The three-foot dogfish was tempted by the bait while this sand tiger shark was tempted by the fish!

20. Prism.
These are the Grand Prismatic Springs in Yellowstone National Park. Some Bacteria and different temperatures give this wonderful result.

21. A Fish with human teeth.
Meet the sheepshead fish, which indeed has human like teeth!

22. Beast of the sea.
This poor monster is actually a deceased whale floating to shore.

23. A Man with a hole in his head
Billy Owen took advantage of his cancer and earns his living! He suffered a rare form of cancer that took half his face and his eye. Surgeons removed most of his nasal cavity and the plate covering the roof of his mouth. When he removes the dental plate, he can poke his hand from mouth to eye. Now he is acting as a zombie and working in places like the former Goretorium and the Venice Beach Freakshow.

Sometimes real life and facts are far more unbelievable than any artificial!

Source: Diply

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