No More Excuses...Easy Way To Relief From Lower Back Pain And Sciatica

For those who have been there...this is working!

Some say that the pain is just part of our life. And some days it is definitely confirmed.

Over 80% of people face at some point in their life problems concerning their back and their waist.

The majority of people is experiencing pain and / or a "grip" on the lower part of the back at times.

The main "culprit" for this is the sedentary lifestyle and the lack of physical activity. However it is never too late to start to do some simple exercises that will help you to control problems of back aches.

In the first video they are demonstrating 3 exercises that relieve sciatic nerve pain:

When you suffer from sciatica there are some things that you can do and some others that you should avoid! Take a look.

One minute is enough for sciatica exercises

Some stretching now that we all need

And finally for yoga lovers: Yoga for back pain

The truth is that our time is limited and there is not always free time for yoga classes or whatever will help us. So when I saw these simple exercises that can be done in a few minutes wherever we are, I thought that I should definitely try them and share them with you of course!

Keep in mind that if the problem you have is serious, surely these exercises are not a medical solution and I recommend that you consult your doctor in this case.

Source: Higher Perspective

Please share these simple stretching exercises with others and help them ease their pain!

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