None Deserves This! This Attitude Made Me Angry And Furious!

People don't have a heart anymore!

Unfortunately this image is a daily routine for Νew Yorkers and mainly for every citizen of a big city...It's really shocking how the number of homeless people and people in need increases dramatically.

What you are about to see may make feel sick about people and especially about people who have authority...This ex vet is ignored, abused and attacked and the only thing he is asking is the sympathy and some change to get something to eat...what he takes for an answer made me feel embarrassed for humans!

What he decided to do for that boy after being so mistreated really brought tears to my eyes! His daily routine to survive is tougher than what he had witnessed during serving time! I really feel sorry for him and mostly for people who treated him so badly!

Credits: MoeAndET

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Δευτέρα, Οκτωβρίου 05, 2015 |
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