Rare Moments Of Man And Nature Sharing Blue Waters!

Epic footage reveals a great experience!

Human is the wisest of the creatures on planet Earth...however in daily basis this fact is proven wrong by numerous acts of violence, abuse, cruelty and so on! On the other hand flora and fauna have faced this cruelty of human nature by reducing or vanishing hundreds of species.

In Western Australia above the waters of Esperance, Jamien Hudson’s drone captured a moment in time that is beyond captivating.

There is a paddle boarder, Dave Price, who was peacefully gliding along when he came upon two, huge Southern Right Whales. And then is magic!

This rare footage shows how people and wild animals should share the planet and the beauties of nature...it is awe-inspiring!

What makes this tranquility even more extraordinary is the melodic voice of John Lennon and the incredible words of the famous song "Imagine"!

I really hope that this song would be the reality not the imagination and these images our everyday life!

Credits: Jaimen Hudson

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