Researchers Have Discovered Surprising Findings Of A Legendary City Deeply Hidden In The Depths Of The Mediterranean!

Think of all the hidden mysteries of the past still exist out there, just waiting to be discovered.

The lost city of Heracleion (Ancient Egypt) was one of the most important commercial centers of the Mediterranean before being swallowed by the sea 1200 years ago. The town became a myth and by myth became legend, as the once flourishing city was no longer anything more than a distant memory.

And that, until the time that French archaeologist Franck Goddio, as part of his research discovered accidentally in 2001 a person in the sand.

See below for all the details and photos with the incredible findings:

Photos by Christoph Gerigk ©Franck Goddio Hilti Foundation

Franck Goddio and his team of divers are checking the statue of an ancient pharaoh. Over 5 meters tall, this artwork of red granite is a terribly imposing figure.

Photos by Christoph Gerigk ©Franck Goddio Hilti Foundation

During diving they came also faced with a statue depicting the god Hapi (God of the Nile). It was the deification of the Egyptian mythology of the annual flooding of the Nile, where rich inventories sludge covered the two sides of the river and as a result the ancient Egyptians could grow crops. The River Nile, the symbol of abundance and fertility. The statue of God Hapi is in a size that hadn't been discovered until today.

Photos by Christoph Gerigk ©Franck Goddio Hilti Foundation

After careful planning, they managed to remove the statue of the sea bottom. With the help of technology they were able to pull out of the water the colossal statue.

Photos by Christoph Gerigk ©Franck Goddio Hilti Foundation

Along with the huge statues, also found small intricate inscriptions engraved in gold leaf. The plate found, has engraved on it the name of King Ptolemy III, grandson of the famous Macedonian general who served under Alexander the Great.

Photos by Christoph Gerigk ©Franck Goddio Hilti Foundation

Among the numerous findings, there was a small statue of the Egyptian deity Osiris. The eyes are coated with thin gold leaf.

Giant forgotten pharaoh's statues, thousands of small statues, a sphinx, ancient war ships, anchors, sarcophagi, coins and gold were found buried in the sea bottom.

Photos by Christoph Gerigk ©Franck Goddio Hilti Foundation

In perfect condition also found the 2m tall pillar describing a decree commissioned by Pharaoh Nectanebo I, which requires certain tax rates, which kept the powerful Egyptian empire at the top.

Photos by Christoph Gerigk ©Franck Goddio Hilti Foundation

Photos by Christoph Gerigk ©Franck Goddio Hilti Foundation

Perhaps one of the best findings was an amazing statue of a Ptolemaic Queen. And it is very likely to be an ancestor of Cleopatra, the last pharaoh of Egypt.

And with another statue of Pharaoh, it is very difficult to believe that this city was random...

And this really puts things in perspective. Atlantis, Troy, Rome and Heracleion all these cities were sometime among the most powerful, but it did not take long to lose their validity. Only time will show who will stay on top!

Source: Sunny Skyz

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