Russians Have Gone Crazy ... Watch The Highway They Are Planning To Construct.


How would you react if someone told you that you can travel from London to New York by car? Science fiction scenario?

Yet this proposal made by the head of Russian Railways - and a close friend of Putin, Vladimir Yakunin.

The plan of Yakunin to overcome the insurmountable natural barrier of the Atlantic Ocean is simple: Turn to the east.

A new super highway uniting Europe with North America, crossing Siberia and Alaska via the Bering Strait.

The plan was presented at a ceremony at the Russian Academy of Sciences.

It is a mammoth task with the name "Eurasian Belt Development - TEPR", which will include a new highway that will move parallel to the existing line of the Trans-Siberian railway, jointly with a new railway and oil and gas pipelines.

"This is a transnational, intercultural plan," said Yukunin according to the Times of Siberia.

"The project will provide a global '' zone of the future '' and will be based on cutting-edge technologies."

The new motorway will run across Russian territory and will be connected with existing roads in Western Europe and Asia.

The distance between the west and eastern Russia's border is about 10,000 km.

The question which arises, however, is how the drivers will cross the Bering Strait from Asia to Alaska? By boat? Will they cross a tunnel or a bridge?

The report gives no specific answer, but the solution will certainly not be straightforward as the narrowest point of the strait is 88 km long and much of the time full of icebergs.

Taking also into account the distance from Alaska through Canada to the US, a hypothetical trip from London to New York would have covered the incredible distance of 20,777 kilometers.

As for the cost of the intercontinental transportation axis, it is estimated at several trillion dollars ....This is science fiction too!

Even if they won't make it - which I doubt - it is far more preferable than using this huge amount of money for weapons!

Source: Blindfold

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