Skarp: The Shaving Laser Machine That Will Revolutionize Shaving!

Technology and bright brains will change a 5000 years history!

A new, crazy idea started from the kickstarter, known to all as a funding website. Morgan Gustavsson thought he could find an alternative to disposable razors, and so he created the Skarp, a laser razor!
Motivated by the fact that more than two billion razors, only in the US end up in dumps due to the difficulty of recycling, and that the technology of shaving remains the same - at least in substance - the last 5000 years, the creators of SKARP decided to take a radical approach to the shaver, as an object of daily use.

The idea started in 2001. However, there were several problems in using the laser razors like to find the wavelength that would be effective in any type of hair. Finally in 2013 with the help of Paul Binun he made it!
The razor Skarp is made of aluminum and there are two different color choices, black and silver. The red laser beam on black background takes us to the «Dark Side» and reminds us of the lightsaber of Darth Vader. Fortunately they do not pose the riskiness of the Sith, as it is a very safe device.

The Skarp will be an impressive gadget in your bathroom but is not just about that! The innovative technology of this laser is the ideal solution for sensitive skin because the razor burns the hair and does not irritate the skin!

Get a taste of shaving 21st century:
As shown, the SKARP shows to gain the interest of many sponsors of the platform, since the campaign in Kickstarter. Their aim was to generate $160,000 worth of capital but as of October 2nd, they already had $2.7 million with 16 days to go!

According to page Skarp in Kickstarter, the shaving device "of the 21st century", will be available in March 2016 at a price not exceeding $ 90.

Sources: Kickstarter, Tech Bench

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