Teeny Greeny: A Rent-Free Tiny House Of A Daydreamer!

Rob Greenfield is an environmental activist and entrepreneur whose dream is to make people believe that living simpler is for the best! And he is the greatest example. Simplifying your life doesn't necessarily mean to sacrifice every amenity of your life but to change the way you think about your life!

He lives in San-Diego and spends most of his time outdoors where he has created an amazing scenery mostly working the garden and building things!

He has managed to purchase for $950 off Craigslist. He is living completely off-grid and almost zero-waste, using solar panels, composting toilet, natural refrigeration, and a rocket stove for cooking, harvesting filtered rainwater for his needs, taking dips in the nearby ocean for hygiene (he's gone showerless for the last two years). From his tiny urban homestead, he can see the ocean.

Watch the video below and take a glimpse of what does simplifying life mean!

What a great example! I am not sure I could follow his example but I think that we all could gradually reduce our passion to overconsumption and appreciate what nature still offers us generously!

Credits: Rob Greenfield

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