Awe: A Swiss And A Frenchman Flew With Incredible Speed Next To A A380 Of Emirates!

Dubai's sky revealed an amazing spectacle!

While the largest aircraft in the world of Emirates Airline, was flying in the sky of Dubai, two human fireballs appeared from nowhere and flew beside it with incredible speeds.

The Swiss pilot, Yves Rossy, has become known for his dangerous flights as jetman - This time though, he surpassed himself and made a risky venture having as background Dubai’s sky!

Increasing dangerously the adrenaline for fans of dangerous flight the Swiss pilot and jetman, Yves Rossy along with his partner, Vince Reffet, raced a jetliner Airbus A380 of Emirates at 4,000 feet!

The video at the beginning looks like an advertising about the aircraft but what comes next is even more impressive...

The Swiss Jetman, Yves Rossy, who is a former pilot of fighter aircraft and holds the Guinness record and also the Frenchman Jetman, Vince Reffet, flew with Jetpacks equipped with 4 engines and travelled upwards of 195 mph (314 kph)! The Jetpack weighs almost 55 pounds and has a wingspan of two meters.

The fantastic duo began their venture from a helicopter at 5,500 feet that was flying over the imposing aircraft A380 of Emirates, and then approached the aircraft at 4,000 feet.

This is something else! They definitely put a whole new meaning on reaching for the sky! Not to mention that this was done with extensive research and planning with safety as the top priority! Bless you for giving us such amazing footage!

Credits: XDubai

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