Breathtaking Landings And Take Offs In Birmingham Airport!

These pilots are awesome and skillful!

It can be an exciting start for the holidays to many travelers but getting into an airplane it can sometimes be nothing more than a frightening experience.

And while most travelers sit comfortably in their seats and relax, there are some others who get terrified during takeoff and landing and of course, when there are turbulence.

There is no wonder about this though, as in the following video you will see "dangerous" by the side of the passenger / viewer landings and take-offs made in Birmingham Airport in England this year. Of course for the pilots such situations are completely normal and not too sluggish when landing or taking off.

If you fear flying then you shouldn't see the following video:

Most planes despite the strong cross-wind, managed to land on the first try, some of the landings and takeoffs are breathtaking.

On average, 93,000 are the daily flights from almost 9,000 airports worldwide. The probability of a plane crash or a forced landing, however, is minimal.

The airplane still remains the safest mode of transport worldwide!

Credits: flugsnug

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