I Had No Idea For This Use Of Cinder Blocks!

A practical and economical stove to cook without gas or electricity!

In case you want to be informed and prepared for an emergency situation this is something pretty helpful and useful! When there is no access to gas or electricity, that doesn't necessarily mean only canned food but you can serve yourself a hot meal!
Cinder blocks are not only necessary for building construction, if you have some you can create a DIY rocket stove using only four concrete blocks! It is easy and cheap if you choose to recycle some old cement block where you can easily find them from construction scraps, or you can just buy them, if you have some spare space in your storage. Their price is almost US$6 per piece.

Watch the video below which demonstrates the construction and how it works:

You never know when you might need this! However it is always necessary to share this kind of knowledge because life is unpredictable!

Credits: desertsun02

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