If This Will Be Functional That Would Be The End Of Air Tragedies!

This Russian claims to have found the way to save lives from plane crash!

It's a bit like a science fiction movie (or even like a very advanced human imagination), but Russian Gamil Halidov claims to have figured out how the passengers of an airplane which is about to crash, can survive.

Occasioned by the fall of the Russian aircraft in Sinai, he resets an already discussed idea that has created long ago and has proposed to the aircraft manufacturing companies.

As we see in the video, the idea of the Russian inventor is to integrate into the frame of the plane a capsule. During a safe flight, the capsule will be a normal part of the cabin of the plane. However, if something goes wrong, and there is no time to react, the capsule will be detached from the plane.

The whole concept is based on the fact that within this capsule passengers will be able to land safe and secure inside the capsule which after being detached will be able to land to the ground using a parachute.

Notable in this structure is that the capsule is made of a hard material resistant to impact and it is also unsinkable to water.

Take a look at the demonstration below:

Either way, however, the Russian hopes that it will eventually assess the idea, while it is almost certain that all airline passengers would very much like to be able to have such an opportunity to survive.

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