Once Again Vinegar Is The Solution!

I had no idea that besides all...vinegar can remove skin tags!

Warts, as officially are called the moles are benign, non-cancerous lesions of the skin and are completely harmless to our health.

They can be located anywhere in the body, but mainly appear in those parts that there is friction like the neck, the armpits, or the sternum.
Warts do not have a specific shape or size. They consist of fat cells, nerve cells and fibers and are covered by skin. It is more common in overweight and obese people, people with diabetes and in pregnant women.

See the natural solution that will help you get rid of annoying warts once and for all.

Wet a piece of cotton or a cotton swab and apply directly onto the skin. Repeat daily for two to four weeks.

I really hope this works because I don't like much visiting a professional and remove them by laser...In fact vinegar is so beneficial and has so many uses that this new one doesn't sound like a surprise! I will definitely try it!

Credits: Doug Willen

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Παρασκευή, Νοεμβρίου 06, 2015 |
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  1. Removing skin tags does not have to be painful
    The best method of removal depends on their size and location.