She Presses Play, Now Keep Your Eyes On The Blue Dot. This Is Crazy!!

This clip from the BBC’s Colour: The Spectrum of Science is truly fascinating. From a picture that’s solely black and white, our brains are able to construct a full color image — and the results are pretty mind-blowing.

By staring at a false-color image, it will “adjust the sensitivity of the light receptors in your eye to the different colors in the image.” The moment the image returns to its colorless scheme, the participant — and viewers around the world — see the image flash its true colors. Some viewers who continued to really concentrate on the blue dot said the image never even returned to black and white! So, make sure to keep your eyes on the dot and the photo should remain in color for the duration of the video. How crazy is this brain trick?!

For me, the photo flashed to color for 1-2 seconds before returning to black and white. Other YouTube commenters say:

“You can make the “invert” and “black and white” version of each photo and do this on your own. Stare at the inverted picture first then B&W looks colored.”

“It also works when using just one eye! I closed my left eye while staring at the center dot, then when the black and white image popped up, it looked as if it were in color.”

Sources: Little Things, BBC

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