The Couple Who Lived ... Like Robinson Crusoe!

Read it to realize all how little we need to be happy ... when we are of course balanced!

Seeing these photos one could easily say that it is the lair of a criminal or the shelter of a castaway.

In fact it is the creation of a lover of tranquility and nature who also hosted those who had the same desire for relaxation away from the hectic pace of the city.

Moonhole is a resort built on a rocky arch, surrounded by the waters of the Caribbean.

It is a creation of Tom and Gladdie Johnston in the late 50s who decided to leave behind the intense everyday life of the city working in the field of advertising, to build a house and later a hotel in the Caribbean.

So they found a spot on a rocky area where access was possible only through a path or by boat and the modern 'Robinson Crusoes' made plans on how to build the shelter. After some years, around 1960 they succeeded in buying the land of almost 30 acres and there, in the volcanic rock-shelter, they built the home of their dreams that is really magical.
He worked with local craftsmen from the nearby village and slowly without any help by an architect, he built the house that he had been imagined!

He even carried all the supplies on foot as there was no access by car.

Furthermore they gathered the rainwater from the roof to use it for bath and cleaning. Even the stairs of the house are built around the trees without any interference in nature.

When during the years the news of their removal became known more and more friends began to ask them for accommodation in this paradise or permission to build their own home there. Eventually the couple created a company in 1964 and transferred the ownership titles to the company. So they built other 16 houses and even created a modest hotel in the same style.
Things changed a bit when in 2001, Tom died and started legal battles over the ownership of the houses. Finally they sold the 11 and the company kept the remaining 5, in respect to Tom's will to protect nature and the environment. The original house where the couple lived is not available for anyone to stay, but the other five houses are rented for about 800 euros per night. Two houses are located near the sea and the other three are at a higher level, offering a panoramic view.

It is an ideal destination for those who of course firstly can afford such a trip and want to live the experience of staying in a shelter in nature. They still collect water from rain and everything works with solar and wind energy.

See the photos below:

I guess some people would easily pay that rent for something like this in order to live their dream....

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