The Guide Of The Perfect Tie

Learn how to tie necktie knots, step by step!

The correct way to tie your tie is for men, one of the most difficult challenges, especially when you have to tie it on your own!

A tie perfectly fits every man. Whatever your style is, your tie can be combined seamlessly, depending on the way you would tie it. Watch bellow 18 different ways to tie your tie, and select the one that suits you!

1. Four-In-Hand Knot

2. Half Windsor Knot

3. Full Windsor Knot

4. Nicky Knot

5. Bow-Tie Knot

6. Kelvin Knot

7. Oriental Knot

8. Pratt Knot

9. St Andrew Knot

10. Balthus Knot

11. Hanover Knot

12. Plattsburgh Knot

13. Grantchester Knot

14. Victoria Knot

15. Cafe Knot

16. Eldredge Knot

17. Trinity Knot

18. Christensen Knot

Even if you belong to those men who don't want to wear a tie or you are ideologically opposed to the tie, it is always good to know, because you never know who might want your help. You can help your father, brother, uncle, your best man, your best friend, a groom or your husband to make a decent appearance!

This guide refers to women too, especially to those who care about their husband's great appearance!

Source: Architecture and Design

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