This Walk With Her Husband Was Their Last...A Devastating Story!

To all the drivers out careful!

It was an ordinary day for Leslie and her husband, David. They were out and started walking to enjoy a spring day in Utah where they lived.

Unfortunately at the same time a reckless driver was on the road too...And the tragedy hit the couple!

She was texting on her phone and over the speed limit when she ran into another car and pushed that car into David and Leslie. David was killed on impact, right there on the sidewalk.

The driver of the car that killed David and heavily injured Leslie, Fred narrates the devastating moments before and after the fatal crash...While Leslie narrates what happened to her life afterwards...

This is a true story and what you are about to see and hear should take into great consideration for everybody's sake! It will definitely bring tears to your eyes.

Obviously it is not the first time you hear about texting while driving...but this is not a footage made to bring awareness of this fatal habit. This was a real video and these were real victims! Try to be focus on the road when you’re driving, because there are families who want to have their father, mother, grandfather or grandmother, daughters and sons together! Respect Life!

Source: Little Things

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