Unbelievable: Workers Make A "Carpet" Of Bricks And Pave The Road.

The machine that prints streets...

An impressive result comes out of a machine which is provided with cobblestones and then lay them down in a pattern to build a road that would require a couple of hours if done manually.
Workers on top of the platform are providing the bricks in a concrete way and order every time and the machine - a symbol of great engineering - is able to make a "carpet" of bricks, which then are laid on the road. As the machine moves, gravity paves the carpet on the ground without ruining this strange mosaic. By this way, they can be made about 400 meters road every day, i.e. a kilometer in just 2.5 days.

Tiger Stone requires at least 1 to 3 workers on the top of the platform to make sure that the bricks are entering the right way, as the bricks need to be given to machine in the required pattern.

Finally this awesome machine is powered electrically and has very little moving parts therefore the noise and maintenance is quite less.
Less work for humans and at the same time great result! Every machine is made to make human's life easier and as for this one, it has accomplished its goal, without replacing human presence and necessity!

Credits: vankubv

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