When You Are Almost A Century Old How Do You Spend Home Alone?

They put a hidden camera to this old woman's house...The result, heart-melting!

Meet Mary Tony. You may not have heard anything about her, but there are women like her all over the world. She is almost a century old, but still alive!
A film crew named Voyager visited Tony in her house to record the life of this elderly woman. She is not that close to her family, and most of the time she stays alone at her house.

It is terrifying to think the loneliness that elderly people are facing when they are not active anymore...actually she says:

"I do not mind. What am I going to do? Where to go? I'm on my own, "replied Tony when they asked her about the conditions of her life. The biggest fight is to find things to keep her mind busy!

"We must do something, otherwise you will go mad."

At the age of 98 she is still a fighter! It is kinda awkward to have lived so many cruel events during the previous century and now to have to deal with loneliness! People need human contact and love from other human beings. This old lady thankfully has found love and companionship at the senior center she attends...There are so many elderly who are ignored at the end of their lives...it's like taking advantage of them when they are able to offer and then leave them to their misery! Old age is not that far!

Sources: Voyager, Sun Gazing

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