Can You Find The Cat Among The Owls In The Worlds New Trickiest Puzzle? This Took Me Forever!

A few days ago Gergely Dudás, aka the artist known as ‘Dudolf,’ posted a holiday themed puzzle on Facebook featuring a panda bear hidden in somewhere among rows of snowmen. The drawing proved to be a hit with users and within a few days thousands had shared the image.

Part of the reason why so many people liked the puzzle was the fact that it truly stumped them. A majority of the people who tried claimed that it took them awhile to find the panda, and some couldn’t find it at all! The Hungarian artist is back with a new picture puzzle that’s just as tricky and fun as the snowman one. This time the illustration features two of the Internets favorite animals, cats and owls. Somewhere in the picture of rows upon rows of cute cartoon owls there is a hidden cat. Dudolf concealed the kitty quite well, so if at first you don’t succeed in finding it, try and try again!

These types of pictures are, in a sense, optical illusions. Optical illusions are all about the interactions and disconnects between our eyes, brain, and perception. The concept can quickly become confusing and lost within the science of it all, so in simpler terms, optical visual illusions are kind of like brain farts for our eyes. That is to say, our eyes are visually perceiving an image and sending information on it to our brain.

However, our brain processes the image as not fitting in line or matching up with the thing (the panda bear or cat) that we are mentally searching for in the picture. It’s like your eyes are blind to the one thing your brain is trying to see or find. That’s why a person can stare at these pictures for hours on end without ever finding or seeing the cat, even though it’s right in front of their face!

So if you’ve ever looked at a “Where’s Waldo?” book, then you have tested out and exercised your visual perception skills. Hidden picture puzzles like this are designed to help strengthen our overall visual perception. They’re also a fun way to explore and see what you immediately notice and pick up on, and what you fail to notice.

Test your eyes and see if you can spot the cat now!

Credit: Dudolf

Were you able to spot the cat?


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