DIY Wooden Table Speckled in Phosphorescent

And you thought glow-in-the-dark home decor was just limited to the stars on your bedroom ceiling in middle school, shame on you. Luminescence is claiming a presence back in your house hold, throwing dated lava lamps to the curb. The gurus over at Instructables are very generous with their findings, sharing their DIY tips with virtually everyone.

The latest from furniture maker Mike Warren, instructs how to make a table with glow-in-the-dark resin infill. The final result is a traditional piece of rustic furniture with a glowing embedded pattern that dazzles after sundown.

So Warren does this on a pretty large scale with a full sized table and workshop of professional machinery that people don’t usually have in their basements. However this method can still be downsized to a maybe a wooden picture frame or small shelf. We will give you the gist of the tutorial.

Step 1:

He starts off by sanding down the material, again a small sand paper sheet can do the job, leaning out all the natural divots in the wood, maybe even digging them in a little bit for a more dramatic look.

Step 2:

With a glow-in-the-dark resin -materials you can purchase online here and here – basically you need to create the resin (1:1 ratio) with the phosphorescent solvent so the infill glows. Once this is mixed you can being to fill the holes in the wood, scraping off the excess.

Step 3:

Once this becomes dry, you can do one last sanding of surface, ensuring no excess resin is sitting on top, and just housed in the gaps. You can finish this off with a durable glossy polyurethane finish.

These are the 3 mains steps to creating this wood surface meets phosphorescent finish. You can apply this to really any wooden appliance from a large table (like Warren did) or smaller frames and shelves that would be easier to execute if you do not have access to economy sized sanders and power saws.

Sources: Interesting Engineering, Instructables

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