Melanoma Survivors Explain Why Early Detection And Sun Safety Are So Important.

With over 2 million Americans developing skin cancer each year, you can understand why the need for greater awareness is necessary.

There are many cases involving disfiguring, but there are fatal forms as well. Out of the 76,000 that were diagnosed with melanoma last year, 9,700 Americans ended up dying from it, while rates continue to increase for the more deadly forms.

This video was put together by The David Cornfield Melanoma Fund and it’s called “Dear 16 Year Old Me,” which showcases the survivors of melanoma, but also features family members of those who didn’t survive. It’s all about raising awareness about the dangers that exist in regards to melanoma.

Early detection is key. Check your skin frequently for any changes, while paying attention to the “ABSCE’s” of melanoma which are as follows:

  • Moles that are asymmetric in shape.
  • Moles that have a border that is irregular.
  • Moles that are dark black in color, or which have multiple colors in them.
  • Moles that are larger than the diameter of an eraser on the end of a pencil.
  • Moles that are evolving, which are changing size, shape or color.

Become more aware of the signs and dangers of melanoma as it can strike anyone at any age, with younger people being an increasing target.

When you are out in the sun, whether young or old, cover up and wear sunscreen.

Share this important information with all of your friends and family so they can be made aware of the dangers that exist with melanoma and too much sun exposure.


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