She Spent Years Having Excruciating Pain. But Then Her Sister Noticed What She Was Drinking.

Meet Rhonda Gessner, a woman who started writing a blog when her sister became ill, because no one could figure out why.

Gessner’s sister was suffering from severe and constant stomach and muscle spams that no doctor or hospital had been able to find a cause of. She bounced around from place to place and unfortunately, came up with nothing.

She had a slew of medications to take to try and combat whatever it was that was ailing her, but still nothing worked. She’d given up, and after suffering for so long she had every right to. She believed she was going to die. As she got everything in order for her expected passing, her sister Rhonda had an idea.
Thinking back to an old article a friend had sent in the past, Gessner asked her sister if she drank diet soda’s often, to which she was. As it turns out, Gessner’s sister was actually a victim of Aspartame poisoning! She was drinking too many diet sodas and all the sweeteners in them were slowly killing her.

She’s now off the diet soda and has been taking the proper medications necessary to combat the poison flowing through her system, thankfully. If you take anything away from this story, let it be that nothing good can come from excess of anything.

Share this important health information concerning consumption of artificial sweeteners, with your friends and family!

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