This Incredible DIY Tiny Home Only Costs $1,200 To Build!

You can construct your very own A-frame tiny home for barely more than a grand!

Who doesn’t daydream about building a tiny home and living in secluded harmony with nature? Well, most of society… But if you’re one of the individuals who is infatuated by the prospect, you’re going to love this A-frame cabin that can be built for the small sum of $1,200.


As shared on the Huffington Post, this tiny home is only 80 square feet at its base, but offers plenty of room for modern-day conveniences.

The best part of this cabin? That you can build it yourself! The plans are sold online for only $29.95, and after that it costs around $1,200 or less to construct.

Inside this tiny cabin there’s a bed, storage space, sink, mini-fridge, and an overhead loft. What else could one need?

And if you care to open up the roof extension, there is an outdoor sleeping porch (complete with another bed and a mosquito net covering, of course).

The designer, Derek Diedricksen from Relaxshacks, stated: “The impetus for the design was to keep things damn simple and very affordable.”

And they most definitely are. While the tiny cabin is not likely to be your most ideal long-term abode, it has potential to make a great backyard hideout or a pop-up campsite – if you have the truck to transport it.

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