This Man’s Family Doesn’t Show Up For Christmas. But The Message Behind The Story Is So Powerful..

For many people, and especially older folks or those who live alone, the holidays can be extra lonely. The season highlights family, friends, companionship, and sharing cherished moments and precious time together with loved ones. That’s why a lot of people who are on their own look forward to December and the holidays it brings, because it means a visit from their children, grandchildren, and the other special people in their lives.

We all know that things can get hectic around the holiday season, especially if you’re traveling. People oftentimes plan on going somewhere over the winter break to visit their loved ones and to catch up with friends and family. However, things can change suddenly and those plans may end up falling apart. Whether it’s bad weather, an emergency, or something else unexpectedly pops up, we cannot always follow through with what we’d originally intended or would like to do. Unfortunately, that may leave someone who was looking forward to a visit sad and alone over the holidays.

The people at Edeka, which is the largest supermarket chain in Germany, recently released their annual Christmas commercial. Lots of people overseas, and now around the world, look forward to the well made and often touching ads. This year’s won’t disappoint. It addresses the holiday rush and how a sudden cancellation of plans can really impact a person’s soul. It also shows how sometimes you have to go a different, unexpected, and dramatic route to gather people together in these busy times.

It begins with an older gentleman who is looking forward to his families arrival, but then he receives a call from his daughter. She tells him that they can’t make it out to see him and promises to make it up and come some other time very soon. He spends the holidays alone and as time continues to pass by, there is still no visit from his loved ones. Then one day they all get a letter in the mail and bad news that he is either sick or has passed away, it’s not clear. So they all gather together and head over to the older man’s house, but when they arrive they’re shocked at the sight before them. I won’t give away the ending here, and besides, this is one of those videos you need to watch yourself in order to truly understand the message and point it’s making.

All in all, this is what the holidays should be all about; people coming together, slowing down, making others smile, and enjoying life.

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