This Swedish Couple Built A Greenhouse Around Their Home. The Reason Why? This Is SO Smart!

Creative couple Marie Granmar and Charles Sacilotto have revolutionized their home heating — and seasonal growing — forever. This greenhouse design covers their entire home, providing insulation in the below-freezing temperatures of the winter and a way to harness to sun's energy effectively during the summer. The idea comes from the natural architecture movement of the 1990s, which focused on incorporating natural elements into architectural design. It's genius.

Now that I've seen it, I'm seriously inspired for my own #homegoals. Living in Canada and working towards a tiny home means something like this would be absolutely perfect for me and my family. I can see it now: a cute, tiny home protected and enhanced by a greenhouse. I'd step out of the tiny home and into a lush garden space where I'd grow food and fancy flowers. While I daydream about that, check out the video to see what's got me so inspired!

You need to see this for yourself!

It started as a summer house and ended up here!


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