Angelina Jordan Sings Awe-Inspiring Cover Of ‘Summertime’

Once every three or four generations a singer or performer comes along that truly leaves everyone in utter awe and amazement. Billie Holiday. Whitney Houston. Edith Piaf. Those few and far between artists who truly approached their craft with a seriousness that is rarely ever seen in a lifetime.

And while those amazing stars usually start their careers in their early twenties, it seems that this next future legend has showed up to the scene a bit early. At only eight years old little Angelina Jordan is leaving thousands of people stunned in her magnificent wake. Her control over her own vocal chords, along with the tiny inflections show that this girl has a complete grasp on not just the lyrics of her songs, but the emotions as well.

For anyone who uses the term “old soul” this girl most definitely understands the meaning more than anyone else. It’s as if she’s been around for a thousand years, but in truth she hasn’t even yet begun to live her life. She smoothly belts out the classic song “Summertime,” with an ease that make the crowd go wild. But at 1:35, when she hits the high note? We were all left absolutely stunned!

This girl is obviously going to “go places,” as long as her parents keep her away from any bad influences. With humility and clear direction, we’re absolutely positive this girl is going to make some big changes to the music scene in the near future and all for the better.

Share her incredible talent if you think she deserves to be a star!


Τρίτη, Ιανουαρίου 19, 2016 |
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