Listen To Freddie Mercury’s Isolated Vocals On “We Are the Champions”

Who doesn’t love Queen and its famous frontman, Freddie Mercury?! Recently, the staff members at decided to edit four of Queen’s concert films, plus a rare recording session of “We Are The Champions.” They then synced up the videos to the isolated vocals in honor of the late, great Freddie Mercury — and to showcase “his presence and consistency as the ultimate stage man.”

The results are nothing short of spectacular. Freddie roars and soars on the isolated track, revealing the sheer beauty and strength of his voice. Not to mention, the blending of the harmonies and background vocals will send shivers down your spine.

“We Are the Champions” was written by Freddie Mercury and first released on Queen’s 1977 album, News of the World. The classic rock song was meant to get the audience singing and waving along. Brian May, Queen’s lead guitarist, describes the song as unifying and positive, to which the world agreed; in 2009, “We Are the Champions” was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame, and has become an anthem for victory.

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