This Guy Spots A Newborn Baby Deer Laying In The Road. Then He Notices This..

When I first began watching the video you are about to see below, it looked as if Steve Knoop and his friends had come upon a fawn that had been hit by a vehicle. It was lying in the middle of the road on pavement, with it’s legs in a position that made it appear to be hurt.

Luckily these men saw it as they were driving along, and didn’t run over the baby. They approached the fawn with caution to see exactly what it’s condition was. In the video you hear these concerned men discuss what they observe to be a newborn baby deer whose mother seems to have given birth in the middle of the road.

As they get closer they see that he is not injured and that his mother is watching the scene from the woods at the side of the road. Unsure of whether they should move him or not they discuss the alternative. They quickly decide that leaving him there would endanger his life, which leads Paul to very gently lift him from the middle of the road and quickly deposit the baby near the side of the woods. What happens next sends the men into shouts of jubilation!

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