Huge Fluffy Wolf Snuggles Up To His Favorite Human

When this woman saw a huge wolf standing alone in the snow, she did what most of us wouldn’t even dream of doing, she walked up to him and got as close to his face as possible.

It turns out that Kekoa the wolf absolutely loves humans and prefers hanging out with women more than men! He’s a proud member of the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center, and when he isn’t busy flirting with all the ladies he can find, you can find him running through the vast and beautiful wilderness in snowy Colorado!

The woman in this video, Danielle, adores being around these gigantic animals. And even though he might look a little fierce, if you treat him with kindness and respect, he’ll treat you the same way. Naturally Kekoa is comfortable around humans because he’s been around them a lot, so if you see an actual wild wolf, you might be better off staying away from him!

The amazing people at the wildlife center do their best to help preserve these beautiful animals in their huge sanctuary. As more and more humans make their living spaces smaller and smaller, this amazing piece of land will ensure that these proud animals stay safe and wild. The center educates the masses all while helping foster the relationship between humans and nature!

Share this cute video if you think saving all animals is important!


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