14-Year-Old On ‘Ellen’ Flips Craigslist Finds, Buys House

Saturday, March 26, 2016 |
Willow Tufano is 14 years old. But she’s not really like most 14-year-olds. The young lady was keeping a big secret from her parents. She would meticulously plan for months and months before dropping the bombshell that had her parents’ eyebrows raised with confusion. Willow is what I like to call a crafty little cucumber. The teen began picking up free items on Craigslist and selling them. Once she got a little money, she would go to auctions and get cheap items. She would even pick some items out of the trash.

After months, the resourceful girl saved up $6,000. Now that is one enterprising young woman! Her parents weren’t very understanding at first. Her dad reprimanded her, “When I was a kid, I had a paper route?” Her mom was in shock.

Then Willow stunned them again. Her big plan? To buy a house. The property she had her heart set on was $100,000. Then the market changed, and it was down to $16,000. The savvy teenager haggled them down to $12,000. Impressed, her parents agreed to help her with the property. At 14 years old, Willow is now a landlord that rents the home out for $700 a month. She even renovated the rooms herself. Ellen was so impressed with teen, she invited her on the show and gifted her a $10,000 ACE gift card to make even more renovations to the property!

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