He Wanted to Know why His Wife Was so Tired Every Evening, so He Spied on Her for One Day. What…

Here’s a short movie out of Japan which brings awareness, and answers, to the following question: “Who carries a heavier load? Women or men?”

The assumption often times is the man. Naturally, when it really comes down to it, the hard labor, the heavy lifting and long hours working is all on the male. But then again, is it really? Let’s take a closer look.

People on the streets of Tokyo were surveyed on the subject of who literally carries the heavier load. Out of 100 men and women, it was revealed that women carried loads of 7.2kg, which was twice as heavy as loads carried by men on a regular weekday. Also, 18% of women interviewed carried loads of over 15kg!

Here in the film we have a day in the life of a young mom in Tokyo, along with her husband and son. The husband secretly watches from a van his wife’s day to day routine and is blown away.

This is the real load his wife carries everyday while he is at work. All the way from morning until late at night his wife is working nonstop.

We often don’t give credit where credit is due, especially when it comes to moms. Their day to day is long and hard and they are truly underrated and under appreciated for their efforts.

This film really nails it and it will have you thanking, and appreciating, all the hard work mothers do on a daily basis.


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