How To Make An All-Natural Air Freshener In 10 Seconds

I love learning about new lifestyle hacks, especially ones that involve items I already have in my house. That’s why this video will come totally in handy.

We’ve seen how to concoct the perfect DIY air freshener for your home, but this simple life hack is the perfect way to make your car smell fresh and clean. YouTube channel The Heathered Nest came up with a brilliant way to lock a door by using a standard wooden clothespin. Plus, it’s all-natural so you don’t have to worry about driving around with toxic chemicals wafting inside your car.

All you need to assemble this DIY project is a clothespin and a few drops of your favorite essential oils — mine are vanilla and cinnamon. In less than 10 seconds, you’ve got yourself a quick, safe and effective hack using common household items. The great thing is this works on very type of vent, so you can even use this technique on vents inside your home. And as the scent fades, you simply drop more essential oil onto the clothespins.

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