Police Officer Catches A Boy Praying With A Homeless Man

While many people pass by the homeless without giving a second look, others take the time to lend a helping hand.

There have been cases of fast-food employees catering to homeless people outside of their store as well as police officers providing them with shoes.

Eric Gaines, a police officer at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, snapped a photo of a similar moment showing a teenage boy praying for a sleeping homeless man in Baltimore.

The officer told the Baltimore Sun that he’s seen residents bother this homeless man before. He initially thought this unnamed teenager was doing the same, but quickly realized what was actually happening.

“It was good to see a young black man, especially in this community, doing something positive,” the officer said. “That’s why I took the picture. It was powerful on so many levels, and for it to be in my presence — it was crazy.”

Officer Gaines didn’t get a chance to speak to the teenager because he ran for the bus right after, but called him a “leader” and a “role model” for the community.

View the powerful photo below, which was shared more than 35,000 times after Gaines posted it on his Facebook page.

Facebook/Eric Gaines

“I watched as this young kid was walking pass, stopped and walked over to this sleeping homeless man; touched him and began praying over him… This was an amazing sight! I pray this kid becomes a leader amongst his peers, and continues on this path!! Not all Baltimore youth are lost!!” the officer wrote as the Facebook caption. “I HAD to post this!!”

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