Powerful Ad Urging Husbands To Help With Chores Goes Viral

Here’s a powerful commercial that once and for all sets things straight.

For so long it has been accepted that the woman does the chores and the man watches the TV. This example gets passed down generation after generation, even though women have full time jobs now and are no longer housewives only. Even after their full day at their job, they are still expected to do the menial tasks like cooking, cleaning, and laundry. Here we have a father who watches his grown up daughter work her butt off after having put in a full day at her job. Meanwhile her husband fools around on the internet while watching football. The father can’t stand the sight, yet can’t say anything because this was the behavior he engaged in when he was married.

But it’s not to late. #ShareTheLoad is the powerful commercial created by an ad agency in Mumbai. Somehow they take an ad for a laundry detergent, and change it into an extremely thought provoking reflection on men’s and women’s roles in the household, while challenging the long standing traditions put in place.

Check out this great ad and see why this is making such an impact as it breaks down stereotypes and attempts to redefine social norms in marital relationships. Balance is the key and this commercial really nails it.

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