The World's Largest Cruise Is So Huge That You Will Need GPS To Navigate It

I had always been fascinated by Titanic until I heard about the world’s largest cruise which can accommodate 6000 passengers. This massive cruise ship has the weight of 227,000 tonnes and is 1108 feet long. The cost of production involved in making this giant cruise ship which is even 124 feet longer than the Eiffel tower is £800 million.

The sinking of Titanic and some other ships like the one which was engulfed by the sea kept haunting the people for a while. But now the world's largest cruise ship is all set to sail with adequate safety measures. The guests will actually require GPS to navigate the world’s largest cruise ship. It has a number of amenities to offer as compared to Titanic II which is just 885 feet long with the capacity for 2,400 passengers.

‘Harmony Of The Seas’ is the largest cruise ship of all time.

This huge sea monster which has 3 pilots on board is built by Royal Caribbean International

It has an assortment of guest rooms ranging from small interior rooms through larger rooms to suites.

There are 18 decks plus 16 restaurants, cafes and shopping center on this cruise.

It has 10,587 plants and 52 trees decorated in the same way as the New York’s Central Park.

You’ll be required to pay an exorbitant sum of £7525 per person per week to travel in this cruise.

It has 1,380-seat theatre showcasing various forms of music and gymnastics.

This cruise also has state-of-the-art gymnasium offering yoga and tai chi fitness programs

It has bars, lounges, and clubs including live jazz club, karaoke bar, and comedy club.

So, are you looking forward to sail in this cruise?

Watch the video of the ‘Harmony of the seas’

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