These Airtrax Wheels Can Make a Vehicle Move in Any Direction Without Even Turning

Airtrax have made a set of wheels that can make any vehicle move in any direction without the need to turn the wheels themselves. And maybe you will be like; wait a second, how is that possible?

Well it is possible with a type of wheel invented way back in the 1970’s by a man called Bengt Ilon. The wheel itself is known as a Mecanum wheel and apart from the fact that it is circular-ish, nothing makes it look or feel like an ordinary wheel.

Airtrax used the Mechanum wheel which has a couple of rollers mounted on the surface of a normal wheel in order for the whole idea to work. Now the interesting part of this design is that the left and right hand wheels can both rotate in the same or in different directions. By doing this, movement in any direction is possible.


Κυριακή, Μαρτίου 06, 2016 |
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