Traveling Photographer Captures Couples Kissing in Public Around the World

Kissing is the universal way to show affection—no matter where you go, you can find amorous couples locking lips. Argentinian photographer Ignacio Lehmann demonstrates this in his endearing 100 World Kisses project, which captures culturally diverse street smooching from places around the world. For the past three years, he’s traveled extensively—covering 12 countries and over 20 cities—to collect more than 1,000 images of people everywhere, from bustling metropolises to rural landscapes.

Lehmann’s ambitious series features equal-opportunity kissing: his photographs showcase all ages, body types, genders, backgrounds, and sexual preferences, proving that love has no bounds. Each couple expresses their feelings in public, engaged in their own little world despite being surrounded by other people. The results are sweet without seeming too saccharine and playful without appearing too risqué. You can’t help but crack a smile or say “aww” with these sweet displays of tenderness.


Τρίτη, Μαρτίου 29, 2016 |
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