Husband Gets Emotional Onstage After Seeing His Major Makeover

Most of his adult life, Jeff donned a long signature beard. But he decided it was time to chop it off and go back to the clean-shaven man his wife fell in love with years ago.

In turn, he appeared on the Rachael Ray Show to get this special makeover with the help of professionals. His wife was right by his side, visibly excited for the long overdue change.

“I’m going through basically a midlife crisis. It’s time to clean it up,” Jeff said prior to the makeover.

Elena Linares, the founder of RazzleDazzle Barbershop in Miami, worked her magic to help Jeff get the look his wife hoped for. Much like the time the Rachael Ray Show gave a woman a stunning transformation in time for her 50th birthday, Jeff came onstage after the makeover looking completely different. No seriously, he doesn’t even look like the same person!

Jeff went from having long hair, a shaggy beard, and sporting overalls, to short hair, no facial hair whatsoever, and completely new attire.

What’s even better? He said he feels “amazing” and also became emotional after seeing his new self. You can just imagine how thrilled his wife was.

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