Massive Shark Gets Eaten By Unknown Giant. WHAT?!

Upon finding this shark’s tag on shore, one scientist replied, “I was absolutely blown away.” You see, they had previously tagged this massive shark, and then retrieved the info when they surprisingly found the tag of the large alpha male on shore.

Apparently the reading is that the shark dove down deep and quick as the temp raised almost to 30 °F! What would be the explanation to this? The shark was eaten and was inside the belly of some other animal was the only explanation possible. Obviously this predator would have to have been massive, but it could not have been another shark as the temp would have read similar to the Great White which disappeared.

What in the world could have eaten a shark this big? That’s the big mystery that everyone’s trying to figure out. What kind of super-predator exists deep down in the ocean that can gobble up a Great White?


Παρασκευή, Απριλίου 22, 2016 |
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