People Naturally Find This Woman Beautiful. But When They See Who She Really Is, Unfortunately Many Think Differently.

When New Yorker AnnaRose sees herself in the mirror she sees a completely normal, beautiful, young woman. She loves life, her family and friends. Like so many others, she works, dances, laughs, and sometimes cries too. But by 1: 32 the perspective is turned around and the camera unveils how the world views her:

COORDOWN, an Italian Organization for people with Down Sydrom filmed this video. As part of this campaign, they want to ensure that people like Anna-Rose will not be reduced to a perceived disability. They also want to show that the focus for all is the potential and the ability to lead a full and happy life. Therefore they worked together with actress Olivia Wilde, and do an amazing job of pointing out the double standards. Truly inspirational!


Δευτέρα, Απριλίου 18, 2016 |
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