Whats Inside a Rattlesnakes Tail That Makes Noise?

When we hear a rattlesnake in the desert, our instincts are to immediately head the other direction or else freeze in our tracks if the sound is really close.

That’s how powerful the sound of a rattler is. But what exactly is making this sound? Many of us understand that they use their rattle when they sense danger and as a warning for predators to back up or risk a bite of injected venom. But many don’t know how the rattle actually works.

Here we have a father and son team who set out to explain just how that frightening rattle sound actually comes about. They get to the core of the matter, literally, as they dissect a rattler’s tail and see just how it works to produce the sound that scares so many. It’s actually not at all what you would think either!

The kid holding the tail that they will dissect:

Here’s the video of the dissection:

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